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This is MoonRay, Your Next 3D Printer.

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The brick illustrates MoonRay's dimensional stability and printing accuracy, as well as surface finish and print quality. Small and sharp features on the part show how fine and thin MoonRay can print.

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An Incredible Machine for Your Creative Process.

With MoonRay, you can print incredibly detailed parts with excellent surface finish straight from the printer. Let MoonRay enhance your creative process.

An All-in-One System Designed for Your Desktop.

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Custom Built UV DLP Projector

Patent Pending

RayOne UV projector allows for pin-point accuracy when creating your project. The MoonRay can print features as fine as 100 microns, making your finishing touches easy and less time consuming than with other 3D printers. Learn More

Easy-to-Use, Advanced Software

When you’re designing your project, you won’t need to worry about creating an elaborate support system. The MoonRay’s RayWare software will do that for you. Our advanced support-generation algorithm is optimized to make strong, correctly placed supports without wasting material. Learn More

Diverse Material Library

We’ve developed a variety of resins for MoonRay, including high-resolution standard resins in orange, white, and clear. We also have a castable resin, perfect for creators who do lost-wax casting. Learn More

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MoonRay’s advanced printing capabilities make it an excellent choice for dentists, jewelers, artists, and engineers. See what MoonRay can do by exploring our gallery of printed parts.